Recent Projects


A series of electric scooters for gen Z as target Persona. 

Electric Enduro Motorcycles

Concept sketches for electric Enduro 

Naked E-Motorcycles

Concept Rendering for Naked motorcycles 

Office Chairs

Office chairs in metal, wood and plastic materials 

Coffe machine concepts

Concept renders for coffee machines

3d Animation in Unreal 5

This is a short demo made for the Summer on Unreal 2022 certification course. 


Recent Illustrations 2D and 3D. 

Branding Illustrations (in-house)

A color study on blauw branding image 

Colored Patterns

A colorful background concept idea.

Web e-commerce

E-commerce e website redesign and customer journey  

Web design and Branding

This project shows the process for a new name, brand logo, and relative website for a local store.

Logo concepts

A series of logo proposal for local business  


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